We do mold testing here at Sunshine Home Inspection. Our owner is a real atmospheric scientist so it’s a natural thing, a good fit. Mold testing is in our wheel house as they say. We recently did a toxic mold inspection and test in New Orleans and the results were as expected. The mold inspection reveled visible mold present in numerous spots in the back room of a home. Rain water penetration at different locations was also present. I took an air sample with a Air O Cell pump and cartridges that I sent to my science lab. The results came in showing high levels of toxic mold. Here is a small part of the right up that I gave to my client: Aspergillus/Penicillium – This mold was higher on the inside and is of concern. Aspergillus/Penicillium is higher on the inside of the home. A raw count of 333 is “elevated” above the outdoor sample. Visible mold is present.


Cladosporium – Concentration is above the background and is “elevated” with a raw count of 22 in your toxic mold test. Not commonly found growing indoors. Spores reported to cause allergies in individuals.


Toxic Mold Test Results

See the actual toxic mold test results from the lab in the picture. I recommended toxic mold remediation for the property.

ASHI Certified Inspector

"ASHI" Inspectors are the only ones certified by The National Commission for Certifying Agencies. This is the highest level of inspector in the country.