Structural Concerns in Old New Orleans

Dec 04, 2014

An inspection in New Orleans, near the Quarter, revealed some structural concerns. Pictured you can see the space between the bricks of this pier. A good portion of the mortar has fallen out because it is about 200 years old. …

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Slab at Grade

Nov 24, 2014

This home in Metairie had the slab at grade level. You can guess what this means. WATER INTRUSION! There is no way to keep it out. No matter how much caulk or other methods you use, the water will eventually …

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Aluminum Wiring

Nov 19, 2014

It is fairly common to still find aluminum wiring. In this home in Metairie I found 4 or 5 aluminum single strand wires in the main electrical panel. You can see them in the picture.  I hear different things all …

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Furnace Pipe & Wood

Nov 14, 2014

My inspection today in Metairie revealed a very common deficiency. It is such a cheap fix and easy one to avoid and correct. Pictured is a furnace exhaust pipe going through the roof sheathing. You can see the pipe touching …

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Structural Issues

Nov 12, 2014

There are major structural concerns and shoring work needed on this older home in New Orleans. It is not for sale so there is not issue with me mentioning it on my blog. Over ten piers were failing and need …

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Insect Damage on Commercial Building

Sep 13, 2014

This commercial building that I inspected in the West Bank had extensive wood destroying insect damage. Of course the structure is metal but the insects were found in all four walls and even in a raised wooden floor in the …

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Commercial Buildings and Mold

Aug 15, 2014

Mold in a commercial building is just as much a concern as it is in a home. Yes we spend more time in our homes than at work. But 8 or 9 hours of toxic mold exposure is a lot …

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Aug 13, 2014

A home inspection in Metairie revealed a gas water heater inside the home that was missing 1 foot of the exhaust pipe. Therefore much of the fumes, being carbon monoxide was being spewed into the home. This is a major …

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Dielectric Connection

Aug 11, 2014

This is a picture at a home inspection of the top of a water heater in Metairie. We commonly find dielectric connections here between copper and galvanized pipe. Very often it is galvanized coming out of the water heater and …

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Doggie Door Danger

Jul 28, 2014

Many people never think of this but a doggie door is a safety hazard. Our home inspection in New Orleans revealed this one pictured. It was big enough for me to fit through easily. Think about it. A thief could …

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ASHI Certified Inspector

"ASHI" Inspectors are the only ones certified by The National Commission for Certifying Agencies. This is the highest level of inspector in the country.