Credible Expert Witness Services for Home and Commercial Properties

Thomas offers expert witness testimony services encompassing a wide range of property-related issues, from structural matters to roofing and everything in between. Toxic mold problems are a common area of expertise, and we specialize in addressing both water and air-related concerns.

Meteorological Expertise

With a Master’s Degree in Meteorology and a background as a former Adjunct Professor, Thomas provides invaluable meteorological testimony for various legal cases. Weather can significantly impact property damage, personal injury, and workplace incidents. Our cases include wave height calculations for platform injuries, temperature and power line sag in electrical incidents, slip and fall cases influenced by rainfall, fog interpolation in auto accidents, wind velocity estimates during hurricanes, temperature and humidity’s impact on time of death, water leakage-related injuries in public areas, road conditions in auto accidents, humidity and mold development, and more. Weather often plays a pivotal role in injury and damage scenarios. Trust Thomas’s expertise for credible expert witness services.

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We use a strong background in science, continuing education and our ASHI certification to ensure the job is done right. Contact us today!