Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-purchase Home Inspections are performed to identify defects prior to taking ownership to negotiate repairs or price adjustments which reflect the condition of the property.

New Construction Inspections

Watch out for new construction, in some cases these can be more problematic than a really old home. New construction inspections are performed  near the completion of construction. The inspection will be performed to verify that proper building techniques were used and that the various components of the home were properly installed. We still have not found a builder that hasn’t taken short cuts or does things wrong.  We nail every one of them.  Another few hundred bucks to make sure the job is done right on a $400,000 home is well worth it.












Warranty Inspections

Home Inspections are performed during the 11th month of your 1-year Builder Warranty or the used home warranty. It may look great, but have serious technical, safety, or functional issues present without the owner’s knowledge. We will find some issues that weren’t visible when you bought it and you can make the builder come in and fix them.

Metairie Home Inspections

Inspecting homes in Metairie is a little different than in the older parts of town. In Metairie we find newer construction. That means homes are constructed with more current structural components and built to minimum code. Because of this, in Metairie we really focus on the attic and look for clues on the exterior and interior that can tell us something about the inside of the walls.

We look for proper construction techniques. We must also pay close attention to the foundation and one way to do this is to take a relative elevation survey of the slab (or raised foundation) that can tell us if subsidence (sinking soils) is a factor. We perform the survey for free on every home we inspect in Metairie.

Older Homes

We specialize in the structure of old New Orleans homes.  We throw on a crawl suit, boots, gloves and really tear into the structure of an old home.  Insect damaged sills, beams and joists can be a major expense if they are missed during your home inspection.  Deteriorated piers and drainage issues are other critical issues.  We gotcha’ covered.  We got your back.

Let SUNSHINE shed light on your home inspection.

We use a strong background in science, continuing education and our ASHI certification to ensure the job is done right. Contact us today!