Select a Company that Provides Unbiased Mold Testing

Unbiased Mold Testing Services

In an industry where conflicts of interest are not uncommon, Sunshine Testing takes a refreshingly different approach. We are dedicated solely to mold testing and do not provide mold remediation services. This specialization ensures that our mold testing remains impartial and unbiased, setting us apart from companies that offer both testing and cleanup.

Conflict-Free Testing

Our commitment to maintaining an unbiased stance means we have no vested interest in the outcome of the air quality tests we conduct. This integrity ensures that we will not misinterpret mold test results to generate additional revenue through remediation services. You can trust that our assessments are driven solely by accurate and honest scientific results, free from any conflicts of interest.

Hire a Scientist 

Meet Our Owner, Thomas: A Certified Mold Assessor

At Sunshine Home Inspection, we pride ourselves on having Thomas as our certified mold assessor and tester. With a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, a Master’s in Meteorology, and a distinguished background as a former University Adjunct Meteorology Professor, Thomas brings a wealth of scientific knowledge regarding air quality and your health.

The Impact of Toxic Mold Exposure

Toxic mold exposure can have severe consequences, causing a range of health issues, including neurological problems, respiratory distress, fatigue, skin rashes, headaches, and more. It’s vital to address this issue promptly and accurately.

Our Comprehensive Mold Testing Services

Sunshine Home Inspection offers comprehensive mold testing services that not only identify the type and concentration of toxic mold but also delve deeper into the root causes of mold outbreaks. We understand that simply detecting mold is not enough; you must address the underlying issue and then proceed with cleanup.

Identifying Real Science Issues

Mold issues often stem from more complex problems within a property, not just simple water leaks. At Sunshine Home Inspection, we specialize in identifying and addressing these real science-related concerns, which can be considerably more challenging to resolve.

Types of Microbial Samples We Collect

Our testing process involves gathering various types of microbial samples, including:

  • Ambient air samples
  • Surface samples (bulk material, tape lifts, swabs)
  • Air duct samples

Comprehensive Reporting

Rest assured, all our findings, conclusions, and recommendations are meticulously compiled into a complete written report. When it comes to mold testing, trust the experts at Sunshine Home Inspection to provide accurate assessments and practical solutions. Your well-being is our top priority.


We use the high tech gadgets; moisture meter, digital hygrometer, Zefon Biopump and Zefon Air-O-Cells. We employ a chain of custody and send your samples to a scientific laboratory for analysis.

If the mold testing of your property determines that you have a dangerous toxic mold problem, we will write a detailed “scope of work” that outlines your course of action. Present it to companies that specialize in mold remediation and they can provide a bid for the job. We can also consult with you on how to properly deal with mold issues on your own.

Once you have successfully completed mold remediation in your property,  you should have us perform another test to determine that:

  1. All mold has been removed or cleaned
  2. All building materials are dry
  3. There are no active sources of water intrusion
  4. Ambient microbial air samples and cross contamination samples meet established guidelines

We highly recommend a mold test on every property bought in and around New Orleans (we have a tropical climate).  Our results show that about 40% of our tests are positive for toxic mold.  Many of our tests come back positive for toxic mold when we can’t smell mildew or see any mold.

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Mold Certified

You need an AHSI certified inspector, who is licensed and insured.


For more information on toxic mold visit: EPA website